The Mississippi River Delta is one of America's greatest natural resources. Unfortunately, a football field of wetlands vanishes into open water every hour. There are solutions, but we need your help to implement them.

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Our coast is in dire need of science-based restoration projects so that we can rebuild land and save our coast. The RESTORE Council, a group made up of federal agencies and Gulf State governors, will help decide where BP oil spill money gets spent. We need to make sure that they view the Mississippi River Delta as a priority region in the Gulf and adopt a science-based process for choosing where the money goes. Sign our petition to support large-scale restoration of the Mississippi River Delta!

Tell the RESTORE Council to put BP oil spill fines to good use in our state!


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The river’s powerful land-building force must be allowed to rebuild and restore the Mississippi River Delta. Introducing sediment to the coastal system is critical to rebuilding wetlands. Whether through diversions like the proposed Mid-Barataria project, barrier island restoration, or beneficial use of sediment dredged from the mouth of the Mississippi River, restoring the delta is critical to our nation's environment and economy. But in order to implement these solutions, we need a movement.

To learn more about our campaign and who we are, check out the about us section of our website. Thanks for visiting. Together, we can restore the Mississippi River Delta.