The 2012 Coastal Master Plan

A vision to restore and protect Louisiana's coastal resources and communities

Louisiana's 2012 Coastal Master Plan is a landmark 50-year, $50 billion blueprint for a revived coast and secure future. This plan, drafted by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), was released in draft form in January 2012 and passed unanimously by the Louisiana legislature in April 2012. The 2012 Coastal Master Plan builds off previous plans but is the most comprehensive attempt yet at putting forth solutions to coastal Louisiana’s myriad environmental and engineering challenges.

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The science-based process used to develop the 2012 plan was designed to evaluate the range of possibilities for restoring and protecting Louisiana’s coast and wetlands. Relying on coastal experts and the best available science to select, prioritize and implement projects the plan puts forth an efficient, realistic course forward in coastal restoration.

Examples of protection and restoration projects. Courtesy of Dan Swenson/The Times-Picayune

The key to this process lies in recognizing that Louisiana’s coast is changing and will continue to change while also realizing that accepting the status quo will invariably lead to continued ecological collapse and erosion of Louisiana’s barrier islands and wetlands. The question facing Louisiana and the nation is whether to accept a future of continued loss and retreat or whether to build a Louisiana coast that, though different from that of the past, is healthy, safe and strong for future generations.

The 2012 Coastal Master Plan offers the opportunity to proactively address Louisiana’s future. By using a scientifically verified course of action to help select aggressive yet achievable restoration projects, we can chart a new future for the Mississippi River Delta and the entire Louisiana coast.


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