Fact sheets

  • About the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign – Informational fact sheet on the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign.
  • About the RESTORE Act – How the Restore the Gulf Coast States Act works.
  • Mister Go Isn't Gone Yet – Restoring the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Ecosystem: Creating community and environmental resiliency in the wake of a man-made catastrophe.
  • "Pulsed" Land-Building Sediment Diversions – Many people think of river diversions as freshwater delivery systems that run constantly at a certain rate to control salinity. A “pulsed” sediment diversion may run only occasionally and uses scientific information to operate in a manner that delivers sediment as efficiently as possible to sediment-starved wetland basins.
  • Restore the Central Wetlands – In the early 1950s, the Central Wetlands was primarily a freshwater system dominated by cypress swamp and freshwater marsh. Now, the Central Wetlands is a broken mix of open water, intermediate and brackish marsh, and patches of swamp. But, there are ongoing efforts to restore the area.
  • Wetlands and Barrier Islands – Wetlands and barrier islands are Louisiana’s first line of defense against storm surge and tropical-force winds.
  • Louisiana: Wildlife Tourism and the Gulf Coast Economy – Tourism is a vital component of Louisiana's economy, providing more than 82,000 jobs and generating more than $2 billion in spending annually.
  • Restoring the Gulf Coast Equals Creating Jobs and Growing Economies – A series of reports from two independent economic research firms documents the Gulf‑wide economic benefits and business opportunities created by comprehensive coastal restoration.
  • Top Priorities for Restoring the Gulf Coast – A list of the 19 top priority restoration projects that we recommend for restoring coastal Louisiana.