America Needs the Delta

The Mississippi River Delta is one of America’s greatest natural resources.

The delta's wetlands and waterways contribute tens of billions of dollars to our national economy every year and support millions of jobs. Continued collapse of the delta would destabilize economic systems throughout the nation.

The delta sustains:

  • Commercial trade routes that connect America’s heartland to the rest of the world
  • Critical and extensive energy infrastructure
  • Fisheries that produce 25 percent of American seafood, all valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Wildlife habitat for hundreds of species, including endangered mammals and reptiles, commercially important seafood species, migratory waterfowl and other birds from across the hemisphere.
  • Jobs and ways of life for approximately 2 million people living in or near the delta, including fishermen, boat captains and restaurant owners.

Reconnecting the river to its delta will create jobs and strengthen the American economy, give communities an opportunity to thrive, and safeguard wildlife populations and valuable natural resources for generations to come.