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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Wildlife in Gulf of Mexico still suffering four years after BP oil spill: report
By Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian. April 9, 2014.
“The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused dangerous after-effects to more than a dozen different animals…” (read more)

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, wildlife still struggling
By Brook Hays, UPI. April 8, 2014.
“Roughly four years after BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, spilling 200 million gallons of oil…” (read more)

Barrier islands are a priority
Editorial by The Daily Comet (Lafourche Parish, La.). April 8,2014.
A vital project aimed at rebuilding barrier islands off the coast of Lafourche Parish has received $145 million…” (read more)

Terrebonne to discuss flood zone regulations
By Xerxes Wilson, The Houma Courier. April 7, 2014.
“The Terrebonne Parish Council is to consider ordinances this week that govern development in the parish…” (read more)

Laf. headland project receives another $144.6M
By Eric Besson, The Tri-Parish Times (Houma, La.). April 8, 2014.
“Nearly $144.6 million in oil-spill fines have been pledged to construct the second phase of the massive…” (read more)

The Economic Case for Restoring Coastal Ecosystems
By Michael Conathan, Jeffrey Buchanan, and Shiva Polefka, Center for American Progress. April 9, 2014.
“As America’s coastal cities expanded throughout the 19th century, the wetlands were often considered a nuisance…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Health of Gulf species suggests problems, raises questions almost four years after BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, report says
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune. April 8, 2014.
“The health of bottlenose dolphins, predators at the top of the food chain in the Gulf of Mexico…” (read more)

Diversions are part of the plan
Editorial by The Houma Courier (Houma, La.). April 7, 2014.
“The annual presentation of the state’s master coastal plan at the Legislature got a little more controversy…” (read more)

Architects chosen for downtown Water Campus
By Timothy Boone, The Advocate. April 7, 2014.
“Coleman Partners in Baton Rouge and global architecture firm Perkins+Will have been chosen to design…” (read more)

Parts of lakefront shoreline getting new look to stop erosion (+video)
By Bill Capo, WWL TV (New Orleans, La.). April 7, 2014.
“A strong north wind from the latest cold front sent waves crashing over the seawall along Lakeshore Drive…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Lafourche barrier island project receives $145 million from oil spill fines
By Keith Magill, The Houma Courier.
“About $145 million in fines from the 2010 Gulf oil spill will pay for a project that will restore barrier island beaches…” (read more)

Money an issue as Comite project drags on for decades
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. April 7, 2014.
“In March 2003, then-U.S. Rep. Richard Baker was watching the ceremonial start of a public works project…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation approves $144.5 million for Caminada beach restoration
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. April 3, 2014.
“The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced Thursday (April 3) that it has approved another $144.5 million…” (read more)

Caminada Headland project gets $144.5 million for second phase
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. April 4, 2014.
“An additional $144.5 million was provided to the state from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation…” (read more)

$144.5M in spill fines to be used for La. Beach
By the Associated Press. April 3, 2014.
“The foundation overseeing use of fines from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill has approved $144.5 million…” (read more)

Senator Pushes for Estuaries and Wetlands Restoration
By Dredging Today. April 4, 2014.
“Restoring our nation’s estuary treasures and helping local communities address water infrastructure problems is essential…” (read more)

Entergy Urges U.S. Companies to Spend on Safety Amid Growing Weather-Related Risks, an Industrial Info News Alert
By Market Watch, Wall Street Journal. April 3, 2014.
“West noted that the economic consequences in heavily industrialized areas, such as the Gulf Coast, which is prone to hurricanes and an ever-diminishing wetlands area, are devastating to the entire U.S. economy…” (read more)

Deepwater Horizon disaster spurs research into underwater ecology
By Jon Marcus, Times Higher Education. April 3, 2014.
“Nearly 100 investigators and about 60 students and postdoctoral research associates are at work determining the extent of the damage…” (read more)

The City and the Sea
By Meera Subramanian, Orion Magazine. March/April 2014.
“The way forward will require an unlikely collaboration, not just between public institutions and citizens, but also between humans and the one player too often left outside, literally and figuratively: nature herself…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Ted Turner: Time to finally protect wetlands, streams
Opinion by Ted Turner, CNN. April 2, 2014.
“…Clean, healthy waters are also the engines behind a strong outdoor recreation economy. Nationally, hunters and anglers spent $90 billion in 2011 and wildlife watchers spent an additional $55 billion,…” (read more)

Guest Column: Let's ensure RESTORE funds are spent wisely
Opinion by Simone Champagne, The Daily Advertiser. April 2, 2014.
“The last decade has been a trying one for the people of Louisiana. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike…” (read more)

Coastal restoration financing is uncertain, but Louisiana has ideas to find $50 billion
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. April 2, 2014.
“Raising $50 billion for the ambitious Master Plan to rebuild the Louisiana coast was never going to be easy…” (read more)

Feds want oil and gas industry to self-report close calls at offshore facilities, FuelFix reports
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. April 2, 2014.
“FuelFix reports that federal regulators are getting ready to hit the road in an effort to persuade oil and gas companies…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Alvin returns to gulf on 4th anniversary of BP oil spill
By James Maynard, The Tech Times. April 2, 2014.
“Alvin, a Navy research submersible, has started to bring researchers down to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

U.S. Geological Survey releases map detailing coastal Louisiana marshes
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune. March 31, 2014.
“The U.S. Geological Survey has released a map of coastal Louisiana marshes, listing more than 956,000 acres of fresh marsh and nearly 730,000 acres of saltwater marsh…” (read more)

Navy sub to ferry researchers to BP spill site
By the Associated Press. March 31, 2014.
“As the fourth anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill approaches, the Navy research sub called Alvin will be taking researchers down for a look at the ocean floor…” (read more)

Director sought for BP oil spill's RESTORE Act Science Program
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune. March 31, 2014.
“The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it is searching for a Gulf of Mexico-based director for its BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill RESTORE Act Science Program…” (read more)

Terrebonne Parish Levee District continues to fill gaps in primary defenses against flooding
By the Associated Press. March 31, 2014.
“The Terrebonne Parish Levee District is continuing to fill gaps in the parish's primary defenses against flooding…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta news: March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 | Posted by Elizabeth Skree in Latest News

Editorial: Heart of the oil spill
By Pensacola News Journal editorial staff, March 27, 2014.
“The further we get from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the more crucial it is that we remain hypervigilant and angry about what BP’s man-made disaster has done to the Gulf of Mexico.…” (read more).

Alvin submersible will give researchers view of effects of BP oil spill
By Patrick Ochs, The Sun Herald (Biloxi, Miss.). March 29, 2014.
“Nearly four years after oil first spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from the blown-out Macondo wellhead, researchers representing major universities from across the Southeast will depart Gulfport and go to the site to document the potential recovery…” (read more).

Landslide in Gulf of Mexico could cause 15-foot tsunami on Louisiana coast
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. March 28, 2014.
“If you thought sinking land and rising seas were the only things we had to worry about in south Louisiana, think again.

Tsunamis have now joined the list…” (read more).

25 years after Exxon Valdez, we still haven’t learned to limit oil drilling
Opinion, By Frances Beinecke, The Washington Post. March 28, 2014.
“Twenty-five years ago this month, the Exxon Valdez struck a reef in Alaska’s Prince William Sound and dumped 11 million gallons of crude oil into the water…” (read more).

Louisiana to receive $21.3M for wildlife and fisheries conservation projects
By the Associated Press. March 28, 2014
“Louisiana is getting $21.3 million and Mississippi $14.4 million for wildlife and fisheries conservation projects from the federal Interior Department…” (read more).

Quin Hillyer: Jindal jujitsu, budget bust — or both?
Opinion by Quin Hillyer, The New Orleans Advocate. March 30, 2014.
“Back in 1989, I was junior-most of a four-person team running a statewide campaign to create a coastal wetlands trust fund. So, when I heard the Jindal administration was raiding the constitutionally protected trust, I was ready to go ape…” (read more).

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

Louisiana $50 billion coastal restoration plan would inject billions more into economy every year, study finds
By Katherine Sayre, The Time-Picayune. March 27, 2014.
“Under Louisiana's $50 billion, 50-year coastal restoration plan, the economy would see a boost from construction…” (read more)

Study: Funding coastal effort would create jobs
By Kevin McGill, Associated Press. March 27, 2014.
“A study commissioned by an environmental group says funding the state's multibillion-dollar, 50-year master plan…” (read more)

Coastal Master Plan would create jobs, revenue (+video)
By Jeff Adelson, The New Orleans Advocate. March 28, 2014.
“Fully funding Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan could result in the creation of between 109,000 and 212,000 jobs…” (read more)

Resiliency Plan heads to council
By Jacob Batte, The Houma Courier. March 27, 2014.
“A plan to help Lafourche Parish expand, attract new residents and maintain a high quality of life is headed…” (read more)

Louisiana’s Swamp-Rat Dog Treat
By Mary Ann Stenberg, The New Yorker Elements. March 27, 2014.
“Nutria, the furry rodents with ratlike tails and two bright-orange front teeth, reproduce at astounding rates…” (read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014 | Posted by Ashley Peters in Latest News

The Listening Post Asks: What Do You Know About Coastal Erosion? (+audio)
By Kate Richardson, WWNO (New Orleans, La.). March 27, 2014.
“Every week WWNO's Listening Post project asks questions about local news in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast…” (read more)

Graves, Claudet to be honored for coastal work
By The Tri-Parish Times (Houma, La.). March 26, 2014.
“Garret Graves, formerly Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief of coastal policies, has been named the Conservationist of the Year for 2013. Graves will receive the Governor’s Award…” (read more)

US agencies seek to clarify wetlands protections
By John Flsher, Bloomberg Businessweek. March 26, 2014.
“Federal agencies Tuesday asserted regulatory authority over many of the nation's streams and wetlands in an effort…” (read more)

Bayou Corne sinkhole swallows six more trees
By River Parishes Bureau, The Advocate. March 27, 2014.
“The 29-acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish swallowed six cypress trees Wednesday…” (read more)

Ex-BP engineer seeks sentencing delay
By Associated Press. March 27, 2014.
“A former BP engineer has asked for a delay in his sentencing on an obstruction of justice charge related to the 2010 Gulf oil spill…” (read more)

Poll: Health of coast key to Texas economy
By Bronwyn Turner, Galveston Daily News (Tx.). March 27, 2014.
“While oil spill cleanup efforts continued in Galveston Bay, a poll released Tuesday shows a majority of Texans…” (read more)

Ship Operator in Houston Spill on Probation for Pollution Case
By Harry R. Weber and Dan Murtaugh, Bloomberg. March 25, 2014.
“The operator of the bulk carrier that collided with a barge carrying fuel oil in the Houston Ship Channel…” (read more)


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