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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 09, 2015

March 9, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Oil-flushing Mississippi River pulse also boosted coastal wetland production
By Jeff Gillies, Environmental Monitor. March 05, 2015
“The baldcypress trees in one patch of Louisiana wetlands thrived following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a new study. A strategy to release extra water from the Mississippi River to push oil away from the coast mimicked a tactic that conservationists hope could slow the loss of coastal wetlands.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Carbon credits could generate $1.6 billion for Louisiana coastal restoration, study says
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. March 05, 2015
“Louisiana could earn up to $1.6 billion for coastal restoration projects over the next 50 years by selling credits for storing carbon in wetland plants and soils, according to a new study by New Orleans-based Tierra Resources, Entergy Corp. and the ClimateTrust.” (Read More)

Is BP responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 dolphins along the Gulf coast? (Audio)
By Laine Kaplan-Levenson, WWNO. March 05, 2015
“A report published last month found that an unusually high number of bottlenose dolphins have been dying all along the Gulf Coast since February 2010. This unusual mortality event, or UME, began two months before the 2010 BP oil spill, but groups including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say the spill is responsible for the continued die-off of this species.” (Read More)

Gulf of Mexico turns deadly for dolphins
By Rachel Nuwer, The New York Times. March 02, 2015
“Some injuries, including lung and adrenal lesions, observed in 2011 in live dolphins examined in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay were consistent with exposure to petroleum products.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

The Deepwater Horizon Catastophe 5 Years On
By Brett Garling, National Geographic. March 05, 2015
“But the world witnessed Deepwater Horizon. Millions of gallons of oil flooded the Gulf of Mexico everyday — for 87 days. The biggest accidental oil spill ever. Five years later the effects of the Deepwater Horizon blowout still endure.” (Read More)

$1 billion cost estimate prompts Louisiana to rethink coastal project
By John Snell, WVUE-FOX8. March 04, 2015
“Without widespread use of diversions in the state's coastal tool box, scientists have warned Louisiana would end up with a much smaller footprint of wetlands, maintained at a significantly higher cost.” (Read More)

Despite land loss, Native American community clings to life along the Mississippi River
By John Snell, WVUE-FOX8. March 04, 2015
“Much of the land that once protected this place is gone, dissected by oil and gas canals, chewed away by salt water, and cut off from the Mississippi River.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 04, 2015

March 4, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Why do we measure wetlands loss in football fields?
By Jesse Hardman, WWNO. March 03, 2015
“What happens when you combine the most popular sport in the U.S. with one of the most dire environmental situations in the country? The catchy analogy that a football field sized piece of Louisiana coastal wetlands is lost every half-hour.” (Read More)

At pivotal moment in region’s history,| The Times-Picayune launches Future of New Orleans project
The Times-Picayune. March 03, 2015
“The Future of New Orleans project will cover the region's challenges and opportunities, including: how we grow our economy; how the population is changing; how to improve schools and teaching; solving our crime problem and the poverty that is intertwined with it; how we care for the sick and prevent disease, and how the new hospital corridor figures in our health care; keeping the city's treasured culture alive and growing it; fostering our sports economy; saving our coast, protecting our environment and keeping us safe from floods.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 03, 2015

March 3, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Confronting the enemy below: hydrologists float plan to keep water in city
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. March 02, 2015
“That problem is subsidence – the steady, costly and dangerous sinking of the city caused by the drying of the delta soils it rests on. It turns out New Orleans, known for its epic battles to keep water outside of its levees, is also threatened by keeping too little water in.” (Read More)

Agency seeks input on Louisiana’s Center for Excellence operations
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. March 03, 2015
“A draft proposal on how Louisiana’s Center for Excellence, to be funded under the RESTORE Act, will operate and distribute grants is now open for public comment until April 17.” (Read More)

Gulf states battle for drilling proceeds
By Timothy Cama, The Hill. March 01, 2015
“Louisiana’s constitution requires that any earnings from offshore drilling go directly to coastal restoration, repairing damage that Cassidy blames on the federal government for actions like channeling the Mississippi River.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Let Washington and Baton Rouge know how much you care about the coast: Walt Leger III
The Times-Picayune. Feb. 28, 2015
“At this critical time when the promise of revenue sharing is being threatened, we must, more than ever, stand united in our commitment to the coast.” (Read More)

Bobby Jindal’s budget cuts to coastal restoration agency won’t affect projects, levees, official says
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 27, 2015
“Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposed $20.6 million budget cut for the agency overseeing coastal restoration and levees won't affect ongoing projects, the agency's chairman said Friday after the governor released his budget proposal.” (Read More)

Coastal authority gets $50,000 donation to protect southwest Louisiana coastline
AP, Daily Journal. Feb. 28, 2015
“Representatives with Columbia Pipeline Group have presented the Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority with a $50,000 donation to help fund continued operations to protect the Southwest Louisiana coastline.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News:Feb. 26, 2015

February 26, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

The ins and outs of state budget cuts on coastal protection and restoration
*Features Steve Cochran, EDF
By Jesse Hardman, WWNO, Feb. 25, 2015
“Cochran talked about how he initially reacted to the news that the CPRA would lose some funding, "something as central, to the overall protection of our coastline of our people who live here and the economies that are necessary, just simply shouldn't be cut.” (Read More)

BP cries foul as judge allows inflation adjustment in Deepwater Horizon case that could total more than $4 billion
By Kyle Barnett, Louisiana Record. Feb. 25, 2015
“With the penalty phase of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill case complete, BP has called foul as the judge accepted an inflation adjustment to the potential per-barrel fine that may see the maximum penalty increase by more than $4 billion above the statutory limit.” (Read More)

Big Idea nominee ORA Estuaries: saving the coast with oysters
The Times-Picayune, Feb. 24, 2015
“New Orleans Entrepreneur Week's Big Idea 2015 nominee ORA Estuaries "uses the OysterBreak to grow oyster reefs into living coastal protection infrastructure for global coastal communities.” (Read More)

Cassidy argues against proposal to share royalties
By Aaron Gordon, Houma Courier. Feb. 25, 2015
“I don't know how the administration has gotten at this goal. I will point out that the Gulf Coast states and the offshore waters have over the last few decades produced billions of barrels of oil, trillions of cubic feet (of natural gas), but with that there is a cost associated. And for us to support this infrastructure, we need to rebuild our coastline…” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 25, 2015

February 25, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Bill Cassidy fights to retain Mary Landrieu’s revenue sharing legislation
By Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 24, 2015
“Plaquemines Parish which has lost this much land, now can no longer protect itself with wetlands from that surge. In the upper corner is the FEMA director looking at the flooded area in St. Tammany Parish," he said. "This is all Plaquemines Parish. Those are working families, working in an industry that literally fuels the rest of our country. And they are relying upon this revenue to rebuild this land so that they can continue to live there.” (Read More)
BP challenges ruling over size of 2010 oil spill
*Photo features Amanda Moore, NWF
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 24, 2015
“BP is challenging a January ruling over the size of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill as it seeks to lower its civil penalty for the disaster. BP faces up to $13.7 billion in federal fines.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 24, 2015

February 24, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

BP appeal U.S. judge’s ruling on size of Gulf oil spill
Reuters. Feb. 23, 2015
“BP Plc on Monday appealed a federal judge's finding of the size of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which leaves the company potentially liable to pay $13.7 billion in fines.” (Read More)
Scalise hails judge’s rejection of BP bid to reduce fines
Ripon Advance Reports. Feb. 24, 2015
“After nearly five years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it is time for the Clean Water Act fines to be settled so that RESTORE Act funds can be used to rehabilitate Louisiana’s coast from the devastating impacts of the spill,” Scalise said. “Judge Barbier’s court ruling is a victory for Louisiana’s recovery from that tragedy, as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast states. Five years is far too long for the people of Louisiana to wait to preserve and restore our coastal wetlands.” (Read More)
BP statement on restitution for Deepwater Horizon oil spill
MSNBC. Feb. 23, 2015
“No company has done more to respond to an industrial accident, and we are extremely proud of our economic and environmental restoration work.” (Read More)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Formation of new land in one area of La. Coastline spurs hope
*Features Theryn Henkel, LPBF
By Meg Farris, WWLTV. Feb. 20, 2015
“Without rebuilding the land, storm damage hurts us all. It hurts our levee system. It hurts our infrastructure. It hurts our economy. It hurts our fisheries. It hurts all the things that make New Orleans, New Orleans.” (Read More)
Gulf Coast lawmakers fighting plan to redirect offshore oil revenue
By Deborah Barfield Berry, USA Today. Feb. 20, 2015
“Louisiana and Mississippi lawmakers are discussing plans to send a joint letter to Obama opposing the plan. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, also plans to question Interior Secretary Sally Jewell about the proposal when the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee holds a hearing on the agency’s fiscal 2016 budget on Tuesday.” (Read More)
Louisiana gaining new land off the Gulf coast
By Don Ames, WWL. Feb. 20, 2015
“If we start diverting significant portions of the water and sediment from the main channel of the Mississippi River into adjacent wetlands, lakes and bays…as happens now in Atchafalaya Bay…we'll be taking an important first step toward saving a significant part of Louisiana's coastal plain.” (Read More)

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