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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 06, 2015

January 6, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

The Bayou Woman – Life in the Louisiana Wetlands (Video, 13:30 mark)
By Whitney Vann, WBRZ. Jan. 03, 2015
“Saltwater intrusion has killed so much of our wetlands, and with it, an important line of defense from hurricanes.” (Watch Video)

Gulf Coast suffers majority of coastal wetlands loss
By Ducks Unlimited, North Texas e-News. Jan. 01, 2015
“Louisiana's coastal land loss is the greatest environmental, economic and cultural tragedy in North America.” (Read more)

Orleans, other parishes collecting Christmas tress this week
Staff report, The Advocate. Jan. 06, 2015
“Discarded Christmas trees will be collected this week in New Orleans and recycled for wetlands restoration.” (Read more)

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 05, 2014

January 5, 2015 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Disappearing Defenses: The victories of 2014 (Video – David Muth)
By John Snell, WVUE. Jan. 04, 2015.
“The river built this place, all the land we are standing on, and we have to let it start building again.” (Read more )
Louisiana’s much-needed plan to save its wetlands is short almost $50 billion
By Adam Wernick, PRI. Jan. 04, 2015.
“If they don't get this done in 50 to 60 years, they can't get it done. [The result] will be a massive environmental evacuation from this part of the state to the north, finding homes for people and industries.” (Read more )
As Louisiana’s marshes erode, so does the Houma Indians way of life
By Stell Simonton, Aljazeera America. Jan. 05, 2015.
“Louisiana is scrambling to address the severe coastline loss. A 50-year-plan that could cost $50 billion will bring in silt, build levees and nurture marsh regrowth.” (Read more )
Coalition seeks input on coastal restoration
By Jonathan Olivier, Houma Courrier. Dec. 31, 2014.
“An environmental group is asking for public input on coastal restoration issues before traveling to the nation’s capital at the end of the month to meet with legislators.” (Read more )

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Latest Mississippi River Delta news: Dec. 30, 2014

December 30, 2014 | Posted by Elizabeth Van Cleve in Latest News

Lafourche Parish project part of new emphasis on private financing in coastal work
By Amy Wold, The Advocate (Baton Rouge). Dec. 30, 2014.
"Organizers of a new coastal restoration project hope to show how these kind of projects can be done swiftly and somewhat cheaply through private investment, rather than solely depending on government to lead the way…" (read more).

Landing private investors would lower public cost of coastal restoration, newspaper reports
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 29, 2014.
"Getting private stakeholders to directly participate in efforts to restore coastal wetlands would help reduce the cost of Louisiana's coastal master plan that now is largely based on federal and state dollars, according to a story in the Houma Courier…" (read more).

Companies dependent on lower Mississippi River want bigger role in Louisiana coastal restoration planning, better communication with planners
By Amy Wold, The Advocate (Baton Rouge). Dec. 30, 2014.
"VENICE — Until recently, companies that rely on a navigable lower Mississippi River have considered their input on coastal restoration project planning to be largely ignored despite their economic importance to the state and nation…" (read more).

Don't dismiss dispersants in fighting oil spills, key scientists say
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 29, 2014.
"Two scientists who tracked the movement and breakdown of oil in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill have written an opinion piece for CNN that urges the public not to dismiss the use of dispersants in future spills…" (read more).

Christmas tree recycling information for local parishes
By WWL-TV (New Orleans). Dec. 27, 2014.
"Once again this year, local parishes will collect Christmas trees to be used in shoring up Louisiana's coastline and aiding restoration efforts. If your parish is not listed, contact your local officials for information…" (read more).

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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 23, 2014

December 23, 2014 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

BP Says Deepwater Horizon Spill Civil Penalty Should be Lowered Along with Oil Prices
By Angelo Young, International Business Times. Dec. 22, 2014.
“British oil giant is asking the federal government to lower its civil penalty, citing the recent steep drop in global oil prices…” (Read more )


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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 22, 2014

December 22, 2014 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Environmental Groups Draw Recommendations from Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan (Audio- David Muth)
By Amy Jeffries, WWNO. Dec. 19, 2014.
“A coalition of environmental groups has come up with their own ideas for how the first millions can best be spent to restore the coast.” (Read more)
Study: Many residents could be displaced from flooding
By Jonathan Olivier, Houma Today. Dec. 19, 2014.
“The authors concluded relocation, or the movement of individuals, away from the coastline is “inevitable,” and is already gradually taking place.” (Read more)

Opinion: Coastal Restoration Needs Energy Support Now
By Editorial, City Business (New Orleans). Dec. 12, 2014.
“Two special interest groups published separate reports that call for immediate action on a prioritized list of coastal restoration work in Louisiana…” (Read more)


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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 18, 2014

December 18, 2014 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Louisiana’s Moonshot: An Interview with Environmental Reporter Bob Marshall (audio)
By Jesse Hardman, WWNO. Dec. 17, 2014.
“It's really an historic mission, to steal a phrase from Star Trek, boldly going where no coastal scientists and engineers have ever gone before….” (Read more )

SWLA and Southeast Texas join forces to restore coast
By Theresa Schmidt, KPLC TV. Dec. 17, 2014.
“Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas are joining forces to fight to save the coast and wetlands of the Chenier plain…” (Read more )
Coastal Report Examines Role of Private Funds for Restoration
By Laine Kaplan-Levenson, WWNO. Dec. 17, 2014.
“Coastal experts have met on Louisiana’s Avery Island to discuss the potential of private investment money to help restore and sustain the Gulf Coast…” (Read more )
NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program issues funding call for Gulf projects
NOAA. Dec. 17, 2014.
“First federal funding opportunity opens competition for up to $2.5 million in grant support…” (Read more )



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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 17, 2014

December 17, 2014 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

Coastal Rundown: Louisiana RESTORE Project Proposals
By Laine Kaplan-Levenson, WWNO. Dec. 17, 2014.
“The projects include creation of marshes adjacent to the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans East, Lake Maurepas and Biloxi, and money for consolidated management of the Mississippi River.” (Read more )

For the first time since BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, portion of water around Grand Isle reopened
By AP, The Advocate. Dec. 17, 2014.
“Commercial fishermen are once again harvesting Gulf seafood off the coasts of Elmer's and Grand Terre islands, an area that's been closed due to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill…” (Read more )
Commentary: Keep holding BP’s foot to the fire (Video)
By Clancy DuBos, WWLTV. Dec. 16, 2014.
“The reopening of commercial fishing areas near Grand Isle is good news to Louisiana’s seafood industry, but it’s also a stark reminder about the long-term impact of the BP oil spill…” (Read more )


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Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 16, 2014

December 16, 2014 | Posted by lbourg in Latest News

The Plan to Save Louisiana’s Wetlands
By Chris Peak, NationSwell. Dec. 14, 2014.
“Two thousand square miles of wetlands have already been submerged in the Gulf of Mexico, and the state’s shoreline is receding quicker than anywhere else on Earth…” (Read more )
Got an idea to help save La.’s coast?
By Jonathan Olivier, DailyComet. Dec. 15, 2014.
“The state and a wetlands research group are looking for research and innovative ideas to help save Louisiana’s eroding coast…” (Read more )


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Latest Mississippi River Delta news: Dec. 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 | Posted by Elizabeth Van Cleve in Latest News

Opinion: Coastal restoration needs energy support now
By the Editorial Board, New Orleans CityBusiness. Dec. 12, 2014.
"Environmentalists and the energy sector typically don’t see eye to eye. Call it an oil-and-water relationship. But this week, the former took a stance that merits the support of the latter. Although it comes at the expense of a major player in oil and gas, their suggestions will help ensure the long-term prospect of the industry in south Louisiana…" (read more).

Post-BP Plans For Gulf Coast Restoration
By David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio. Dec. 12, 2014.
"It’s been over 4 years since the Deepwater Horizon explosion and BP oil spill. The underwater gusher pumped crude into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days and is considered the worst maritime oil disaster in history. The US Government estimated the total discharge at 5 million barrels. But that number is uncertain and there are some reports that the well site continues to leak oil into the Gulf…" (read more).

Planning for future battles
By the Editorial Board, The Daily Comet (Thibodaux, La.). Dec. 14, 2014.
"At least one environmental group is recommending a set of local projects in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill. The local work is among a set of projects the National Wildlife Federation is suggesting to be paid for with BP fine money…" (read more).

James Gill: Restoration races against time
By James Gill, The Advocate (Baton Rouge). Dec. 14, 2014.
"Louisiana’s $50 billion coastal restoration plan comes with two slight problems. It is not guaranteed to work, and we don’t have the $50 billion…" (read more).

Proposals being taken for coastal programs
By The Advocate (Baton Rouge). Dec. 14, 2014.
"The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, in collaboration with The Water Institute of the Gulf, is accepting submissions for its Applied Research and Coastal Innovation programs…" (read more).

Federal council faces tough choices on Gulf oil spill ecosystem restoration projects
By Dennis Pillion, Dec. 12, 2014.
"A great blue heron flies past the large window of a conference room in the 5 Rivers Delta Center in Spanish Fort, flapping its wings majestically and probably emitting a loud squawk at some perceived threat as it finds its next perch along the Blakeley River…" (read more).

Reporting From the Youngest Land in the World
By Al Shaw, ProPublica. Dec. 13, 2014.
"On October 13, we stepped off a boat in the middle of the Mississippi River Delta onto brand new land. The ground, about six months old, was a bit squishy but it held firm under our boots. It was put there by engineers working on a quixotic project to save Southeast Louisiana, which is sinking into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of about a football-field every hour…" (read more).

Tête-à-Tête: Margaret Brown On The Factory Under The Gulf Of Mexico
By Laine Kaplan-Levenson, WWNO (New Orleans). Dec. 15, 2014.
"Margaret Brown directed and co-produced "The Great Invisible", a new documentary about the 2010 BP Oil Spill that won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 South by Southwest film festival…" (read more).

Storm surge risks will be easier to understand with new Hurricane Center maps: Editorial
By the Editorial Board, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 13, 2014.
"Ann George and Augustus "Gus" Saunders thought they would be safe in their Braithwaite home during Hurricane Isaac, which had Category 1 winds. But the slow-moving storm carried a wall of water with it that swamped their Plaquemines Parish community, and the couple drowned…" (read more).

Will Louisiana’s plan to stay afloat be worth it?
By Marissa Hall, Shale Plays Media. Dec. 15, 2014.
"Approximately a football field-sized piece of Louisiana land is reclaimed by the Gulf of Mexico every 38 minutes, resulting in the loss of up to 35 square miles of wetlands each year. Some even argue that the state should redraw its map to account for the drastic changes in the state’s landscape. And while Louisiana has a long-term plan to keep itself afloat, many are wondering if that plan to save the coast can even work…" (read more).

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Latest Mississippi River Delta news: Dec. 12, 2014

December 12, 2014 | Posted by Elizabeth Van Cleve in Latest News

National Wildlife Federation recommends 5 Alabama projects for oil spill restoration funding
By Dennis Pillion, Dec. 11, 2014.
“In a report released this week the National Wildlife Federation recommended oyster reef creation, land acquisition and watershed restoration among Alabama-based projects that should be given priority as federal and state officials begin dividing up fine money collected from BP and other companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill…” (read more).

Plaquemines Parish Council postpones vote on coal export terminal's building permit
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 11, 2014.
"The Plaquemines Parish Council on Thursday postponed a vote on the building permit for the controversial RAM Terminals LLC coal export facility on the west bank of the Mississippi River…" (read more).

Scientific American's report on Louisiana coastal restoration is somber and depressing
By Alejandro De Los Rios, Gambit (New Orleans). Dec. 11, 2014.
"If you've been having a really good week and would like a downer to bring you back to earth, head over to Scientific American for the second story in a two-part series on Louisiana's vanishing coastline. The piece is written in collaboration with The Lens, ProPublica and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews and follows up on the the even more depressing first story written in August…" (read more).

The Last Southern Democratic Senator Gave Her Farewell Speech
By Denver Nicks. TIME. Dec. 11, 2014.
"Departing Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu promised to spend her retirement from politics working to repair the environmentally degraded Gulf Coast Thursday in an emotional farewell speech delivered from the Senate floor. “It is something worth fighting for,” she said. “We would not be a country without the Mississippi Delta.”…" (read more).

'The Great Invisible' movie review: Deepwater Horizon doc focus on the human toll of the BP oil spill
By Mike Scott, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 11, 2014.
"We've all seen the images — the fireball in the Gulf, the rivers of oil atop the waves, the listless birds coated in pitch-black crude, the fouled coastline. If you were anywhere near New Orleans at the time, you may have smelled it, too — the acrid scent of petroleum wafting in from some 40 miles off the Louisiana coast…" (read more).

National Hurricane Center unveils new storm surge watch, warning maps
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 11, 2014.
"The National Hurricane Center took the next step towards creating separate hurricane storm surge warning messages on Thursday, releasing an example of new color storm surge watch and warning maps to be used on an experimental basis in the 2015 hurricane season…" (read more).

Mary Landrieu speaks personally in farewell address, telling colleagues she knows she 'aggravated' them advocating for her state
By Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). Dec. 11, 2014.
"In a remarkably personal farewell speech, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., reflected on her 18-year Senate career, recalling how she "aggravated to death" colleagues in fights for Katrina assistance and how her Christian faith helped her deal with losing her seat in last Saturday's election."…" (read more).

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