Send a message to BP: flood their inbox!
February 26, 2013 | Posted by Ryan Rastegar in BP Oil Disaster, Clean Water Act

Contrary to BP’s PR campaigns, the Gulf is still reeling from the impacts of the oil spill. To make matters worse, BP is trying to dodge accountability. As we enter day 2 of the BP trial, it's important to keep the pressure on BP to ensure they are fined the maximum penalties possible. We can make that happen by generating thousands of messages from concerned citizens across the country. Flood their inbox!


Go to the BP America Facebook page and click 'message.' Tell them it’s time to accept full responsibility for the oil spill. This is a clear case of gross negligence!' Then share this photo on Facebook (that tags BP America) to make sure they hear us loud and clear.


Go to the BP America Twitter page and send them a tweet: tell them to take full responsibility for 'gross negligence.' Be sure to include @BP_America and the hashtags #makeBPpay and #BPtrial. Feel free to use the sample tweets below!

Let's bombard BP with messages from concerned citizens across the nation!

4 Responses to Send a message to BP: flood their inbox!

  1. Cordelia Cale says:

    You damaged every living thing around here and then you lied about it and then you laughed about it. The whole time the sea floor was vomiting oil caused by your incompetence I was spending my nights on the bathroom floor puking my own guts up. You damaged every living thing around here. You ought to be made to stand in the shit you create.

  2. juan says:

    I kept it Simple, I sent the following: clean up your mess in The gulf. And pay for the damage you caused.

  3. Jan says:

    Anyone who has made a mess should clean it up, that's common courtesy.

  4. Marjorie Hass says:

    Clean up your mess, pay up, and quit ruining our Earth!

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