Latest Mississippi River Delta News: November 5, 2012
November 5, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Chandler in Latest News

How Cities Plan to Keep the Sea at Bay in an Age of Climate Change
By Christopher F. Schuetze, The New York Times. November 5, 2012.
"Hurricane Sandy was bad. Now imagine a near-future that is markedly worst, where storms are not only more vicious and more frequent, but ocean levels are higher too…" (Read more)

Shannon Nickinson: The queen's pre-Election Day decrees
The Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal. November 4, 20112.
"Try out these decrees from your queen for a day on the day before Election Day…" (Read more)

Invasive Gulf Tiger Shrimp Could Creep Into Local Markets
By Susan Buchanan, The Huffington Post. November 2, 2012.
"Trawlers in Louisiana's Gulf are catching Asian tiger shrimp this fall but in numbers that are too small to enter marketing channels…" (Read more)

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    River flow and how it is changed by man is both good and bad on the ecosystem that depends on its existance. This seems to be the most accurate description on problems of Mississippi River Delta. Sort of the old saying "damned if you do or damned if you don't," probably best describes what, if, or when things happen or can be under man's control. Example – several years ago I noticed the channel @ Venice and below had shifted – to the east right @ Venice and then to the west of the old channel @ Cubits Gap. Within a year of so after the West Delta project was done – possibly one of the fastest projects ever witnessed by anyone who watches the Corps of Engineers work. I felt then and still do the project was to hydorlogically try and force the river to correct the channel shift which had occurred in the area.

    As a "non-professional" student of the River I would like to know when the next meeting will be held – I'd enjoy attending and listening. . .

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