Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign launches petition to hold BP accountable
October 11, 2012 | Posted by Ryan Rastegar in BP Oil Disaster, Clean Water Act, RESTORE Act

Since the devastating 2010 BP oil disaster, we've been working to send some well-deserved funds to the gulf. For over two years, we worked with leaders in Congress on a bill that would do just that. After a long battle, we finally helped pass the RESTORE Act in July 2012, which set up the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund to deliver 80 percent of the Clean Water Act penalty money from BP back to the gulf.

Unfortunately, over two years after the oil spill, BP has STILL not paid a penny in Clean Water Act fines! BP has been stalling this process and is actively trying to walk away from its obligations to clean up the gulf. And they’re trying to get out of paying the full amount. We can't let that happen, and we can’t let BP get away with shortchanging the gulf. That’s why we’re creating a petition to Mike Utsler, President of BP America’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization telling BP to stop stalling, take full responsibility and pay the maximum fines now!

Please sign our petition to BP – tell them to stop stalling, take full responsibility and make the gulf whole.

4 Responses to Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign launches petition to hold BP accountable

  1. arnold schultz says:

    Make them pay for the damage they have done to the gulf of mexico…

  2. Michael Puntillo says:

    Pay up BP! It was you who did this horrible thing. Pay up!

  3. Barbara A McClain says:

    BP has to be held accountable for the oil spill, and not released for responsibility unitl all parties involved agree.

  4. James Boots says:

    They need to be liquidated. BP needs to be liquidated and the money spent on clean up and damages. Otherwise we let a serial killer, serial vandal and criminal negligent Company and as an extension of Citizen United "Person" keep doing what they are doing and getting away with it. … This is not even their worst spill nor there weakest act of clean up. BP cannot be trusted any other "person" would go to jail and be sentenced to life or in some states death. BP needs the death penalty and for a Corporate "Person" that means liquidation.

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