Join today's RESTORE Act Facebook Day of Action!
December 13, 2011 | Posted by Delta Dispatches in BP Oil Disaster, Clean Water Act, Meetings/Events, RESTORE Act

Today is our RESTORE Act Facebook Day of Action!  Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's RESTORE Act Twitter Day of Action, it was very successful!

Anyone with a Facebook account can participate in today's Day of Action, urging Senators Reid and McConnell to make the RESTORE Act a priority.  All you have to do is share THIS PHOTO with  your friends.

You can write your own message, or you can use one of the following messages:

Using money from BP’s oil spill fines to restore the Gulf is the only fair thing to do. If you agree, please “like” this photo and share it with your friends.

It's only fair: Money from BP's oil spill fines should be used to restore the Gulf. We’re asking Senator @Harry Reid and @Senator Mitch McConnell to make it happen—please join us by sharing this image.

Gulf wildlife still need our voice. Tell Senator @Harry Reid and @Senator Mitch McConnell to send BP’s oil spill fines back to Gulf by sharing this image!

Also, be sure to check out our Restore the Mississippi River Delta Facebook page and "like" us!

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