Meet Whit Remer, Policy Analyst
September 28, 2011 | Posted by Elizabeth Skree in People, Staff Profiles

Whitford (Whit) Remer is the new policy analyst for Environmental Defense Fund’s Mississippi River Delta Restoration project. In this role, Whit works to advance EDF’s federal coastal restoration policy goals. His key responsibilities include monitoring and responding to congressional developments, securing adequate funding for restoration efforts and preparing research to help increase public and decision-maker awareness of restoration efforts.

Whit comes to Washington, D.C. by way of New Orleans, where he'd lived since Hurricane Katrina. During his time in New Orleans, Whit was engaged in numerous recovery efforts in city, state and coastal realms. He was recognized by former Mayor Ray Nagin for his work on the New Orleans Master Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, served as a member of a water management think-tank and was a lead staffer on dozens of post-Katrina conferences and symposiums.

Whit holds a B.S. in Geography and Political Science from Florida State University, an M.U.R.P. (Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning) from the University of New Orleans and a J.D. with an Environmental Certificate from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. To Whit, the choice to pursue advanced degrees in New Orleans following the storm just made sense. “I knew after finishing my undergraduate studies, I wanted to elevate those degrees to the next level,” says Whit. “I thought to myself, ‘what better place to study environmental law than the Gulf Coast and urban planning in post-Katrina New Orleans?’ ” Little did Whit know that in his last year of law school, the Gulf Coast would witness the worst environmental disaster in the history of the nation–the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “It’s really quite interesting; I was packing up my things in New Orleans, heading for D.C. to work for the EPA when the spill happened. To be able to experience the impact of the spill in New Orleans, but then turn around and have the opportunity in D.C. to help repair some of that damage is very rewarding.”

Whit is excited to join EDF and the rest of the Mississippi River Delta Restoration team!

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