Meet David Muth
March 2, 2011 | Posted by Delta Dispatches in Staff Profiles

David Muth, National Wildlife Federation

David Muth joined the National Wildlife Federation at the beginning of 2011 after working for the National Park Service at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve since 1980.  At Jean Lafitte, he managed the park’s natural and cultural resources, including the Barataria Preserve, a wetland in the upper basin on the outskirts of New Orleans that Congress set aside as a representative example of the delta ecosystem.

A native of New Orleans, David has had a lifelong love of the delta, including its landscapes, history, culture, and wildlife.  He is an avid birder and has served as past President of the Louisiana Ornithological Society, an officer of Orleans Audubon Society, an advisor to Woodlands Trail and Park, and a regional editor covering Louisiana for North American Birds, a journal covering bird sightings and distribution.

At Jean Lafitte, David worked on boundary expansion, canal backfilling, exotic species control, shoreline protection, and beneficial use of dredged material to restore and enhance wetlands.  In his new position at NWF, David looks forward to working with citizens, businesses, non-governmental organization (NGO) partners, scientists and government staff at every level to help bring about lasting and meaningful restoration of the delta ecosystem.

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  1. Elizabeth Skree says:

    Addition: We neglected to include David's new title (Louisiana State Director) in his Staff Profile story. Our apologies for the accidental omission.

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