What We Do

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is made up of campaign staff from Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, working collaboratively to restore the Mississippi River Delta. We are located in Houma, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Washington, D.C.; and around the United States.

Courtesy of Yuki KokuboScience – Our staff scientists provide the technical expertise and analysis upon which all our campaign efforts and policies are based. They provide technical guidance and partner with the state of Louisiana and the Army Corps of Engineers on proposed projects, plans and restoration priorities. They provide decision makers with information on the evolving threats to the delta and feasibility of solutions. They conduct original research, synthesize existing research to provide critical analyses and help guide the academic scientific community to research questions that have an applied purpose in restoration decisions.

Public Policy – Our state and federal policy experts craft policies that will help restore the Mississippi River Delta and that are pragmatic enough to have bipartisan and broad-based stakeholder support. They write and disseminate white papers and reports on what policies are needed for delta restoration, as well as provide comments on the effectiveness of restoration policy decisions and plans put forward by the federal and state agencies.

Economics – Our economic policy experts are coming up with policies that will turn restoring wetlands into economically profitable opportunities. Working with communities that rely on healthy ecosystems and individuals who make their livelihood through use of the abundant natural resources of the delta, they are working to shift any public and economic perception that restoration may be too costly to undertake.

Outreach, Education and Communication – Our organizers and media staff translate the work of our scientists, policy and economic experts into videos, reports, fact sheets, media releases and social media in order to educate and inform the general public and key stakeholders about restoration of the Mississippi River Delta. In Louisiana, our outreach staff meets with and works with oystermen, fishermen, tourism, businesses, communities and individuals to build support for restoring their home. Nationally, our outreach staff engages the members of our collective organizations, businesses, hunters, anglers and others to understand the national economic and environmental importance of the delta and support federal actions to restore the delta.